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Holiday Prop DIY - Merritt Island, Florida

Step by step tips for creating a holiday themed circular wreath photography prop.

Every year I try to come up with unique and different ideas for mini sessions. Last year we did an indoor Milk & Cookies in bed set-up which was super fun. The kids loved it, and that's what is most important. If the kids are happy, the photo shoot is sure to be a success! This year I wanted to do something outdoors. Here in Florida, Christmas tree farms are hard to come-by...SO what does one do to brainstorm? Google of course! I came across these large circular floral swings, usually used for spring sessions or wedding props. I loved the look of them but how could I create something holiday themed? I also wanted something free standing. What if instead of decorating the circle with flowers I decorate it to look like a Christmas wreath? YES!

I found a reasonably priced firewood log rack on Amazon (link below). Side note, when in doubt...go to Amazon! I just needed to put it together which took all of 10 minutes. Then I wrapped the poles with Jute Twine I got at Hobby Lobby. I probably could've used a thicker mm but this did the just took a LONG time to wrap. I wrapped it an hour or so a day (with some help from my 4 year old and her friend) and I finished it in a couple weeks. So yea, I'm glad I started this project early!

Create the things you wish existed!” - Unknown

As I wrapped the poles I randomly would tie knots and also use my hot glue gun to secure some of the ends. I pulled the twine pretty taut so that it was strong enough to withstand a child's weight. I worried about the bottom part of the rack. I needed something structurally sound to hold weight as well as be comfortable and secure for kids to sit on. We recently replaced our flooring in our house and we had some spare pieces of premium wood vinyl left. I cut a board to fit flat on the bottom part of the rack, used some hot glue and then wrapped the twine over top of it. If you don't have spare vinyl flooring laying around you could always get a piece of plywood or any flat hard surface. I suggest using something with a smooth surface so it's not uncomfortable for the kids.

WALLAH! Finally all wrapped with twine. I used about 3.5 rolls of twine to cover the entire hoop. Towards the end I just wanted to finish it so I was a little sloppy but I tried not to be too much of a perfectionist this time because once it is decorated you won't see all those small imperfections. Next, decorations!


450 Ft Jute Twine (4 Rolls)

Hot Glue 13.5" x 10" Piece of Life Proof Premium Flooring

Pipe cleaners

Optional Props:

Buffalo Check and Burlap Garland (Qty. 2) Pine and Berry Garland (Qty. 1) Green Plaid Gift Box with Burlap & Greenery Decor (Small, Medium & Large) Buffalo Check and Burlap Gift Box Merry Christmas Burlap Sack Vintage Red Lantern

Decorating Is The Fun Part

This is where you can be creative and basically make it your own. I went to a local craft store, Hobby Lobby to be exact. I am just SLIGHTLY obsessed with that store. It's up there with Target and Starbucks! All the optional props I purchased from there except for the lantern. Any who, my idea was to create a "Christmas wreath" but I knew I would be using an outdoor green background so I decided to go with a Buffalo Check and Burlap Garland for contrast. I used light brown pipe cleaners (cut in half) to attach the garland to the hoop so they can be easily removed later. It came out better than I imagined and all the props flowed nicely. What do you think??

I'm not sure why I didn't use my camera to take the after photo, so an iPhone pic will have to suffice.


There you have it, perfect set up for my Christmas Minis this year. Of course I had to add a touch of "snow" too. I may just use this prop again next year but decorated for Spring! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see all the cuties during their holiday mini-sessions


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