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Back to School Sessions - Fay Lake Park - Cocoa, Florida

A sneak peak into my first back to school mini sessions using my old refurbished school desk and some classic school props.

If you're a parent you've heard the saying or have said "they grow up so fast" and "enjoy it while they're young". During our extremely busy lives we tend to forget how quickly our babies grow up and become little independent people of their own. It holds true for me so much this year while my second child starts Kindergarten. I have so many hopes for him as he begins this new journey as a school-ager. I'm pretty sure there will be tears involved his first day of school, and by tears I mean most likely from me and NOT my son who has been chomping at the bit to start at his big-brothers school! Considering my oldest is now starting third grade this year too, I can tell you all those sayings are true...I blinked!

This was my main reason for offering back to school sessions, so moms and dads can look back and see their children smiling ear to ear so eager and excited to start in a new school, a new grade and a new adventure waiting for them. Our kids are only young once and now's the time to capture those innocent memories, because one day they will be off changing the world!

“Kid, you'll move mountains!” - Dr. Seuss

All the kids did an awesome job at their sessions. There was a good mix of smiley poses and playful shots. They loved the props, the apple was a big hit. I had extra just in case someone got hungry! :-)

It wouldn't be back-to-school without a new pair of Chucks!

Oh the places you'll go...

I chose Dr. Seuss as my school prop books because everyone can relate to a Dr. Seuss book right? Either you read it as a kid or your parents read it to you, there is always one book that you remember and loved. Are you my mother? was one of my favorites. When my son graduated from VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) this year, his teachers gave each child in his class a copy of Oh the Places You'll Go. In it, they both wrote a sweet note of good wishes and I have read it to him multiple times this summer. It just seemed appropriate to include it in my sessions. Call it bittersweet, or just call it corny, I like to put my own personal touch into the photos I take. Thanks to all my clients who trusted I would capture some great photos of their children and I wish everyone a successful school year ahead!


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